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Hello there!

With the release of the RTX 3000 series many people started using bots to gain an unfair advantage in getting one of the insanely limited stock. Those bots are faster, don't rely on human interaction in order to get what they want and often times even completed the entire checkout process for their users, making it nearly impossible for non-bot users to even purchase one of those shiny, new GPUs.

This project aims to help in increasing the chance of getting certain products by just notifying you over Twitter whenever the stock for these items changes. It doesn't buy you things or tries to give you an unfair advantage - it just wants to help you not having to spam F5 all day long across multiple shops just for having a small chance to get what you want. All you have to do is follow one of the bots on Twitter and wait for that marvelous notification sound. Oh, and it tries to be as gentle as possible to shop servers!

Frequently asked Questions
Before being confused, yelling at me or even wishing me not getting a new GPU please read the FAQ.
Does this bot buy any products?
How to use this bot?
Which shops and products are currently being crawled?
Why are there no price limits?
How was this made?
Why is the Twitter bot faster than the Discord bot (or vice versa)?
The bot missed stock availability - why?
Why are some links posted by the bot marked with [A]?


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